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Living With PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS effects 6-10% of women, it is the most common endocrine disorder in women of childbearing age! Did you know that despite that, it is also the least funded receiving less than .1% of funding from the National Institutes of Health? Let that sink in!


I want to share with you my struggles with PCOS. So a little back story, since the age of 16, when mother nature sprang upon me the gift of woman hood, she brought with it the element of surprise. Not just the surprise of the first time but every time! I couldn’t count on her to be on time if was her own funeral. I never knew why, I knew other girls who weren’t regular so I never thought anything was wrong. 


Fast forward to the age where my friends started having babies, my ex boyfriends started having babies, everyone was having babies, except me. I spent years trying, praying, hoping that the next test would come back positive, that it would be my turn. After my 3rd long time ex boyfriend became a father, I gave up hope. It was never going to be my turn, my body had betrayed me in a way I couldn’t even understand and I was angry!


In February of 2015 I decided I was going to focus my energy on getting healthy, losing some weight, getting into shape. I spent months eating right, I think I ate Hawaii out of pineapple actually, exercising daily and it paid off, I lost 40 pounds by June. I had never felt better in my life, until I started feeling sick everyday. I had severe nausea, my boobs hurt, my body ached. The thought of pregnancy being the cause never crossed my mind. It lasted until mid July when I finally decided to get it checked out, I went to the local drug store to pick up some nausea medicine and while reading the label I noticed “Do not take if pregnant” I honestly don’t know what prompted me to go get a pregnancy test, I knew it would just be another heart break, but I did it. 


When those blue lines crossed, I checked the box, this couldn’t be right, it had to be fake news. So I took another one, yep you guessed it, still positive. So I called my doctors office to make an appointment to confirm, they were able to get me in that afternoon. In the mean time I had one more test so I said screw it ill take it, when that one came back positive I still didn’t believe it, I figured it was a bad box. When I finally got confirmation from my doctor, I begged for an ultrasound, I had to see it, it couldn’t be real! Sure enough there was a little dot with a heartbeat on that screen! HOLY CRAP I’M PREGNANT!


I gave birth VIA C-section to a healthy baby boy in March of 2016. My body however went right back to being the same ole stubborn reproductive system it had always been. Missed periods every month, months without them, pains in my stomach, hair growth in odd places, hair loss on my head, inability to lose any weight no matter how well I ate or worked out, and the mood swings, heavens to betsy, I couldn't even stand myself most days! So I did the logical thing and googled it, there it was in bright letters, the answer I had searched my entire “adult” life for POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME! I had my one year follow up in April 2017 with my baby doctor, everything looked great and he was about to send me on my way when I mentioned I thought I might have PCOS. He was amazing, he gave me a vaginal ultrasound on the spot, he said “Do you see how your ovary looks like a chocolate chip cookie? Those are little cysts” he confirmed what I had always wondered about.


Since then I have been on a high dose of medication to help balance my hormones, I have to be vigilant and cautions as PCOS can lead to Type 2 Diabetes, Cervical, breast, or uterine cancer, and a gaggle of other things. I am happy to finally have an answer, I am terrified that I may never get to have another baby, I am scared of the big C, but I am also here to support and help anyone else who has experienced these same things. I want to spread PCOS awareness, I want other women to know they are not alone. Together we can fight this!


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